Recreation Board

Wednesday, January 17, 2018 7-8 PM

For more information on the Recreation Board please contact Danielle Echt at 440.471.1042 or via email.


  1. Welcome and approval of November 15, 2017 Minutes
    1. Pass around sign-up sheet for 2018 parties/events
  2. Senior Program Update
  3. Christmas Party/Santa Ride Evaluation
  4. Discussion on Combining Recreation Board and Activities Committees
    1. Arts/Music Programming (includes programming for The Grove, the Gazebo, and Reserve Hall);
    2. Activities (includes all special events, i.e., Pancake Breakfast, Cruise Night, July 4th, Youth Parties, etc.); and
    3. Youth & Family Programming (with a focus on evaluating existing programs and developing new programs to serve the needs of the community).
  5. Open Discussion
    1. Rec Board Picture Taken